A Look at Suicide Bombers Through A Different Lens

Are suicide bombers and members of terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda demons or are they victims themselves? What does the future hold for young children who have been brainwashed by ISIS? Can and how can people that have been in cult groups for decades be deprogrammed successfully? Will Tom Cruise ever be able to get out of Scientology?

Rick Ross, Founder and Executive Director of The Cult Education Institute, and an expert on destructive cults, shares valuable insights into this other world and the process of deprogramming minds.

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Resource Highlight

The Wave – a must see movie based on real life experience high school students at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California in 1969. History teacher, Ron Jones, was unable to explain to his students why German citizens, especially non-Nazis, allowed the Nazi Party to exterminate millions of Jews amongst other so-called ‘undesirables.’

As a result, he decided to show them. Jones, creates a group called “The Third Wave.” It was an experimental recreation of Nazi Germany which he conducted with unsuspecting high school students. This experiment and movie are the best illustration to understand how anyone can become involved with a cult.


PBS Frontline – ISIS in Afghanistan: School of Jihad
Non-Profit Organization – Cult Education Institute
Book by Rick Ross – Cults Inside and Out by Rick Ross
Book by Leah Remini – Trouble Maker Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
Book by Eric Hoffer True Believer

Episode 15  |  Published: May 14, 2016

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